Rory McVicar

by Rory McVicar

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Little One 01:43
You're highly strung today A string could ping any minute, and that's ok I just want to be out of your way When you're like this, I'll give you a kiss and you'll say "Just go away!" I don't know, where I'll be A few months from now I hope you'll be with me, somehow You watch it grow You cry, I ask why, you say you don't know I suppose that's why you're real Cuz you feel it with your soul And I have no idea, where I'll be A year from today I hope you'll come with me anyway
Nevermind what you said now You do it all the time And don't get so upset now Honey quit with your crying Because I'm never ever gonna forget now I'll give you a piece of my mind No, I'm never ever gonna forget now Now that you're mine Now that you're mine Well, everybody agrees That we look good as a pair And that's news to me 'Cause I wasn't aware But when you can close your eyes And believe that something is there That's when you know you've got your share And life is longer than living But I don't care Now that you're mine.
Come into my house and tell me the truth You know that I would never lie to you I haven't seen you around in such a long time And I think you should know what's been on my mind But the time goes so slow And I wanted you to know That I'm coming back tomorrow I remember a day when you said to me "Can't we ever agree to disagree?" Well what we have is a case of who's-to-blame? Where the people involved act just the same And it makes no real sense But I speak from experience And I won't hang around at your convenience No no, no no.
Lie still, don't worry about Anything It's not the same I know your game And I'm not playing Tonight I will, be moving along Any day It's nobody's fault We're only human I'll never see you again No no, no no, no no no No no, no no, no no no And everything comes Apart at once "I'm not contented" You said and you meant it "I'm going to kill you" Well I'm sure you will do And I don't mind
If you try and help her Make our long life here together More bearable, she would But if you try to make her feel She's got nothing down here for real Then despair's all her good As you once would And I know just how much you care How big your heart, how straight your stair I trust you with my life But if you throw yourself to wolves Then you yourself are but a fool Who holds out just a knife All your life And I ain't leaving tonight To let the evil in, alright And I know it is in me to fight Whatever's rising up inside.
No more arriving late No more inviting fate No more inciting hate No more a thing to do No more of me and you Another day is through This is what I would have come for If I'd known that it was there But I haven't the time to pretend anymore And no more do I care And now the race is run You know I'm far from done I've only just begun To you my fondest friend I'm loyal 'til the end No matter trail or trend And this is what I had in mind for All those people I can't bear You see I haven't the name to defend anymore And no more do I car Yes, this is what I had in mind for All those creatures I can't bear See I haven't the will to pretend anymore And no more do I care Do I care? Do I care? Do I care.
Resentments 05:10
And if you keep pushing us back Then where else can we go To the end And if you can't realise that Then it won't be long 'til it shows Up my friend It's not a case of them versus us But if you haven't yet, then you really must I remember when we wiped the floor And I remember when we asked for more And if you think that we want it all Then you're not even half way there 'Cause what you owe is worth so much more And I'm not even sure that you care It's not a case of making demands But if you think you're innocent you aren't I remember when the truth would be told I remember when you spoke so bold I remember when the distractions took hold I remember when the last hope was sold I remember when I watched you unfold And I remember when you left me cold
Pretend Song 06:40
You said that I could pretend You said that I could pretend You never said goodbye my friend You said that I could pretend Now, where are you now? Where are you now? Where are you now? The days dawn was on our mind And everything was going fine You put your hands under mind You looked my straight in the eye Now, how dare you now? How dare you now? How dare you now? And everything I said Made no difference at all Everything I said Made no difference at all.
What will you say When they come to get you? And where will you stay When they all forget you? Well my life has been turned upside down And my pockets are all bare and empty And I have not the fare to get home Or the time for this filthy city Hey hey, hey hey Could you undo that thing That caused us to lie here in fear and hatred And long, long to be found once again Alone and unclothed in some strangers bed. Oh my baby blue eyed boy You are a song to no one You're only a master or mister Or a man with no name on the run And you sing, Hey hey, hey hey Well I wouldn't have let you down No I would not have let you down All the people here standing around I would never have let you down And while you may talk a good talk Your plans are all untested And all you have put away may be lost Unwisely invested And then what will you say To the ones who'll come get you And where will you stay When they all forget you Yes what will you say I'll never forget you.


**** The Times
9/10 SubbaCultcha
8/10 Whisperin' & Hollerin'
7/10 RockSound
7/10 Americana UK


released November 26, 2007


all rights reserved



Rory McVicar London, UK

the youngest of three boys.

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